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Everything you need to know about your fave alternative footwear brand.

SWEAR London was founded in 1997, establishing itself as a cult UK footwear brand, reflecting the dynamic and vibrant London culture and music scene. The brand stands for individuality and self-expression, as the core of its design ethos, yet at the same time embodying universal inclusiveness.

Since 2018, SWEAR London has decided to revive its archive pieces back from the 90s, in order to continue the heritage of that crazy era. Chucky, unique soles have been revived, with a modern twist of the uppers.

SWEAR London is an exclusively made-to-order brand, operating on a made-to-order principle. As the brand doesn't hold ready-made shoes, we manage to minimize material waste.

Every piece produced is purchase-activated - where we strive to contribute to environmental goals.

We choose to communicate our legacy through new, bold movements and embrace cutting-edge, forward-looking practices.

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