SWEAR was founded in 1997, quickly establishing itself as a cult UK shoe brand, reflecting the dynamic and vibrant London culture and music scene.  The brand stands for individuality and self-expression, as the core of its design ethos, yet at the same time embodying universal inclusiveness. SWEAR is a future-oriented brand, taking pride as a digital-led brand and being the first designer customisable sneaker in the market. We choose to communicate our legacy through new, bold movements and embracing cutting edge, forward-looking practices.

 YOUR OWN DESIGNED SWEARS // Through our digital customisation service, you can now design Your Own SWEARs.

 MADE IN 5 DAYS // We artisan hand-make Your Own SWEARs in just 5 working days.

 SUSTAINABILITY // SWEARs focus is to support a made-to-order initiative, minimising waste, respecting our environment.

OVER 8 TRILLION COMBINATIONS // You can chose between a large choice of best quality materials and special colours.

Overwhelmed? We help by curating SWEAR designs for you, to help you kick-start.

FAST TRACK // We offer a fast personalisation service on ready SWEARs on our best sellers, which we ship in 48 Hours.